Problem Solver: Bushnell’s Tour V5 rangefinders can save you from on-course headaches

Bushnell Tour V5 rangefinder

There are two incredibly frustrating things involved with using a rangefinder to get yardages on the course: 1) Accidentally locking in on a tree behind the green instead of the flagstick, and 2) misplacing the device or losing it altogether.

Bushnell’s new Tour V5 ($299) and Tour V5 Shift ($399) rangefinders are designed to solve both of those issues.

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The Tour V5 rangefinders have new PinSeeker with Visual Jolt technology, featuring a red ring that flashes while the Jolt technology vibrates in your hand when you’re locked on to the flagstick. They also have new 6x magnification, the performance range is now five to 1,300 yards (400-plus yards to a flag) and the optics are two times brighter than the previous generation.

Additionally, the new Tour V5 devices are built with “Bite” magnetic cart mounts that allow them to stick to a golf cart, helping to ensure you don’t lose them during your round. Problems solved.

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