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Finder Keeper: Bushnell’s Pro XE rangefinder will dial you in

August 13, 2019

What good is a perfectly struck golf shot if you don’t have the correct distance dialed in? And let’s be honest: Do you really know how much to club up or down depending on elevation changes? These are the kinds of questions that can make or break your score. Enter the Bushnell Pro XE ($550), the next best thing to having Fluff Cowan in your pocket (and a lot more comfortable).

Not only can the tech-packed unit read true distances up to 500+ yards, it’s also equipped with the ability to gauge barometric pressure (altitude), temperature and slope, giving you what Bushnell calls the “most precise, compensated distances ever.”

Bushnell's Pro XE rangefinder
Bushnell's Pro XE rangefinder
Jamie Chung

For example, say you’re 140 yards from the pin, it’s a bit chilly out and you’re hitting to an elevated green. The Pro XE factors in distance, elevation, pressure and temp to compute, say, a “compensated” distance of 151 yards. That’s nearly eight percent farther than the straight-line yardage!

Other cool features of the Pro XE include Visual JOLT technology to help you lock onto your target, a magnetic plate mount and IPX7 waterproofing for use in the elements.

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