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As it may seem, everything in golf is advancing, whether it be club technology or how you move said clubs around. When it comes to buying a new golf bag there are so many features that come into play it could feel as if you’ll never have the best golf bag out there. As there is a seemingly endless array of options, each comes with its pros and cons. Some initial questions when looking for the best golf bag out may be, are you a walker or a rider? Do you prefer form or function? Cart or stand bag?

With so many factors to consider and so many golf bags available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work and highlighted our picks for the Best Golf Bags of 2023 for whatever category satisfies you most:

Top 10 golf bags

Best golf bags compared

Golf BagCostPurchase Link
MNML Golf MV2$259Buy Now
Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Bag$249.99Buy Now
Ping Hoofer Stand Bag$274.99Buy Now
G/Fore Transporter Tour Carry Bag$394.99Buy Now
Vessel VLX Stand$334.99Buy Now
Mackenzie Leather Mac$1,120Buy Now
Stitch SL2 Colorblock$388Buy Now
Sunday Golf Loma Bag$119.99Buy Now
Stitch SL Cart Bag$488Buy Now
Shapland Sunday Bag 2.0$295Buy Now

Staff favorite: MNML MV2




  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Phone pocket for filming
  • Roomy beverage pouch


  • Shoulder straps aren’t completely adjustable

While many of the bags listed in this article have well-designed features, none quite match the MNML MV2 golf bag. Every pocket and stitch was created with a golfer’s needs in mind. You’ve seen insulated pockets before, but the MNML MV2’s insulated pouch has the volume to hold up to five 16-ounce bottles or six 12-ounce cans — a verifiable party. 

MNML designed a camera pouch near the top that holds the phone level while the bag is on its stand because the brand knows most golfers are locked into filming their swings and posting to social media.

Another feature we love is the built-in, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with up to eight hours of battery life. All your other standards are there, with pockets to fit the essentials and top-notch materials and finishes. The MNML MV2 has plenty of customization options available, including the ability to add your initials, a logo, or even a quote to truly make this bag your own.

Best value: Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Bag



  • Plenty of storage options
  • Cart strap pass-through
  • Full-length dividers


  • Uninspired styling
  • Slightly heavier side for this level of bag

Sun Mountain is a tried and true option in the golf bag market. While the design has largely remained unchanged for years, there’s a certain comfort in knowing that Sun Mountain will still offer the best value. Sturdy details like reinforced zippers and a cart strap pass-through were designed with the wear and tear of the weekend warrior in mind. 

Fitting squarely in the $200 to $300 price range, the Sun Mountain LS will stay with you for years without breaking the bank. We chose the 4.5-pound, 14-way stand bag as our featured pick, but you can’t go wrong from a value standpoint with anything Sun Mountain produces.

Best stand bag: Ping Hoofer

Ping Hoofer



  • Ample storage options
  • Cart strap pass-through
  • Durable stand-leg construction


  • Underwhelming style options
  • Heavier for its category

The Ping Hoofer bag is a mainstay of golf bag reviews because of its consistency in quality, functionality, and valuable innovations. This year’s bag is no different, as it boasts an impressive 11 pockets without appearing overly bulky. 

The Ping Hoofer also gets extra points for its useful innovations, which were made specifically for the everyday golfer. Subtle touches include a magnetic pocket near the top for easy access to a rangefinder, yardage book, or scorecard and a beverage pouch near the bottom, so it’s within arm’s reach while walking. Plus, the rain cover has its own compartment, doubling as extra padding when the cover isn’t needed.

Best style: G/Fore Transporter Tour Carry Bag

G/Fore Transporter Tour Carry Bag



  • Removable ball pocket for custom embroidery
  • Velour-lined pockets
  • Extremely durable material


  • Distinctive styling
  • Price is on the higher side

G/Fore put its name on the map for producing high-quality and stylish apparel and accessories, so it only makes sense that its golf bags continue that tradition. From the signature four G logo embossed on the side panel to the detailed skull-and-tee-cross-bones pattern, the Transporter Tour Carry Bag earned its mark as the best-styled bag of the year. 

It’s a fierce-looking bag with all the functionality you’d want, from the velour-lined, water-resistant valuables pocket to the towel ring/bottle opener. You can even order it with custom embroidery for an extra stamp of personalized approval.

Best carry bag: Vessel VLX Stand

Vessel VLX Stand



  • Self-adjusting shoulder straps
  • Very stable because of Rotator Stand technology 
  • Weather-resistant synthetic leather


  • Higher price for the category
  • Customization can cause shipping delays

The differences between a carry bag and a stand bag can be argued at great length, but in reality, the differences are minimal. Nonetheless, we felt that Vessel deserved a Best Of all its own for its exceptionally well-executed VLX stand bag. (The brand describes it as “The Ultimate Carry Bag” — need we say more?). We love the synthetic leather Vessel uses for its bags for its durability, clean aesthetic, and easiness of cleaning with just a wipe. 

The best features, in our opinion, come from the stand legs and base. The legs, crafted from carbon fiber, maintain top-notch stability without being too heavy. The base is a proprietary Rotator Stand that allows the bag to stay stationary while the legs come out — a feature that addresses the most frustrating pain point for many garden-variety carry or stand bags.

Best premium: Mackenzie Leather Mac

Mackenzie Leather Mac



  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Made from real leather
  • Classic design


  • Limited storage
  • Leather requires maintenance
  • No club dividers

Once you’ve reached the premium category, functionality almost becomes secondary to status and flash. And for those looking at a statement-piece golf bag, Mackenzie is the best in the game. Old-world styling with real-deal leather makes the bag almost too pretty to play. 

It features only two pockets, so you’ll need to be selective about what makes the trip with you. And to be honest, we love this bag more as office decor than practical weekend use, but if you’re looking to spend money on a bag worth every penny, this is it.

Best designed: Stitch SL2 Colorblock

Stitch SL2 Colorblock



  • Water and stain resistant
  • Premium quality synthetic leather 
  • Personalization options available


  • Only three storage pockets
  • Pockets are on the smaller side

Our staff favorite golf bag of 2023 comes courtesy of Stitch’s SL2 Colorblock carry bag. What puts Stitch’s golf bag over the top is the combination of durability and elevated craftsmanship. The company’s proprietary Touring Fabric takes all the best leather, canvas, and poly qualities. These materials create a superior feel, resulting in a bag that can hold up in any weather. 

The felt-lined valuables and insulated beverage pockets are designed for the modern needs of golfers. Still, they don’t make the bag feel overly designed or bogged down by unnecessary bells and whistles. The style is sleek and minimal, like a European sports car. Stitch describes it as “the perfect walking bag.” While we try not to fall victim to marketing speak, we might have to agree with that sentiment. 

Best ultra-lightweight: Sunday Golf Loma Bag

Sunday Golf Loma Bag



  • Extremely lightweight
  • Beverage pocket for two cans
  • Easy carry handle 


  • Won’t fit a full set of clubs
  • Limited storage for longer rounds

The ultra-lightweight category of golf bags is admittedly niche, considering they can hold about half as many clubs as a typical bag. There’s something oddly zen about owning a bag specifically designed for lazy pitch and putt rounds, where socializing with golf buddies matters more than the yards on the scorecard. And, for its supremely minimal design, Sunday Golf is the standard bearer of ultra-lightweight functionality and style. 

An insulated drink pocket has room for up to two beverages and a handy carry handle near the top allows you to pick up the bag in a snap. Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, it’s a casual walker’s dream bag.

Best cart bag: Stitch SL Cart Bag

Stitch SL Cart Bag



  • Loads of storage space
  • Premium quality synthetic leather 
  • Personalization options available


  • Heavier than common stand/carry bags
  • Limited style/color options

Bringing Stitch’s impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship to the heavier bag category, the SL Cart Bag is a fantastic option. Stitch’s biggest value proposition compared to the competition is its proprietary Touring Fabric, which features all the durability of leather while remaining lightweight and weather-resistant. 

The design has a 70s retro feel, and it’s highlighted by a massive frontward-facing pouch with netted pockets to hold your essentials. Stitch also offers the Make It Yours customization option so that you can add your initials for extra personalization. 

Best Sunday bag: Shapland Sunday Bag 2.0

Shapland Sunday Bag 2.0



  • Very lightweight
  • Well-balanced, comfortable shoulder straps
  • Plenty of storage for the category


  • No stand legs
  • Limited color options

Shapland’s dedication to designing the perfect walking bag is abundantly clear in its Sunday Bag 2.0. This extremely lightweight and detail-oriented bag is the ideal blend of old and new.

Old-world styling with its weather-treated canvas and real leather accents make it seem like this golf bag was plucked from the links of Scotland. Yet its modern functionality, ample storage pockets, and comfortable shoulder straps allow it to be more than just classy office decor. Instead, it’s a genuine, every-weekend walking bag. 

Our one caution with Sunday bags is that, by definition, they won’t have stand legs, so if you don’t want a golf club bag that lays on the ground, we suggest looking elsewhere.

Bottom line

As you think about which bag is the best fit for you, it’s essential to consider some of the factors that come into play. Obviously, color and overall aesthetic will vary by personal preference, so we’ll leave that up to you for the final say. But from a functionality standpoint, there are three general categories to consider as you narrow the field:


Really what weight comes down to is whether you prefer to walk or ride. Carry bags are typically the lightest option available and are often the most minimal by design, with fewer pockets and dividers. Tour bags are the opposite; packed with pockets and made from denser, higher-quality materials, they’re meant to be carried by someone else or sit in the back of a cart. Stand bags offer a happy medium: they have the functionality to stand upright if you walk, yet they have plenty of divider and pocket options for the extras you wish to carry.


Golf bags offer a variety of divider options to separate your golf clubs within the bag. These options range from large openings to four-way dividers, all the way up to a 15-way option, where each club gets its own cozy slot. A word of caution to the single-opening bags is that they’re best used for pitch and putt scenarios (where you’ll only carry a few clubs, to begin with) because the handles can get easily tangled within the bag. Another note to consider is whether the divider extends all the way to the bottom of the bag or whether it’s simply a grid to organize them at the top. Without the full extension dividers, you’ll likely run into a frustrating scenario: the grips of your clubs getting caught and stuck to one another within the bag.


Deciding on your pocket preference is essentially a lifestyle decision for how you typically play. Some bags come with a cargo pant-level of pockets to choose from, while other modern golf bag companies design each pocket for a specific purpose — from insulated pockets to store cold beverages to pockets designed to hold your phone for recording swings. We suggest analyzing how you currently use your bag to determine if there are must-haves or functions you never use.


What’s the best golf bag of 2023?

The best golf bag of 2023 is the Stitch SL2. The blend of impeccable attention to detail, craftsmanship, and superior durability elevated the Stitch SL2 golf bag above the competition. Its proprietary Touring Fabric is weather-resistant and easy to clean, and its minimalist style makes it an attractive option to carry with you every round.

What clubs should an average golfer have in their bag?

A golfer should have 14 clubs in their golf bag. For woods, you should carry a driver, a 3-wood, and a 5-wood; for irons, you should carry a 3-hybrid and 4-through-9 irons; and for wedges, you should have a pitching wedge, sand wedge, and either a gap or lob wedge, depending on your desired yardage gapping. Last but not least, every golfer should also have a putter, of course.

What golf bag does Tiger Woods use?

When watching Tiger Woods play live on tv, you can see he uses a custom Vessel Prime Staff bag adorned with the Monster Energy logo. Tiger is a sponsored TaylorMade athlete and carries the full suite of TaylorMade golf clubs.

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