Make travel a cinch with this easy-glide suitcase

Sun Mountain TravelGlider

Sun Mountain's TravelGlider is easy to push and looks great, too.

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Way back in the early 2010s, I got my first proper golf travel bag. It was a huge upgrade the from hard-shell, coffin-esque, box-on-wheels I had been toting around in college.

This bag was canvas, had ample padding at the top to protect my clubheads, and even featured a cute, feminine print. The best part? It was a Sun Mountain ClubGlider. If you’ve never used one, the concept is simple: retractable legs on the bag’s base feature caster wheels that, when extended, make your ultra-heavy golf bag feel light as a feather, with extreme maneuverability.

If you travel alone, as I often did in those days, and have multiple pieces of luggage to manage at the airport, the ClubGlider is a lifesaver. I could literally drag my clubs through the airport with my pinky finger — and often did!

A few years after the ClubGlider made a splash, Sun Mountain incorporated the same extendable-wheel mechanism in suitcase form. The TravelGlider Rock Creek offers multiple spacious, zippered pockets and handles for ease of storage and handling. And with that stand-out print, you’ll never again have to second-guess whether that’s really your bag on the luggage carousel.

Sun Mountain TravelGlider Rock Creek

The TravelGlider has changed how people travel with their clubs. There’s an integrated patented ClubGlider leg mechanism in our full-sized luggage
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