Fully Equipped: The best drivers of 2024, according to robot testing

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The Fully Equipped Podcast discusses the results from there 2024 robot testing


Every golfer is looking for an edge — especially off the tee, which is why so much discussion that we have when it comes to golf clubs revolves around the driver and how to maximize performance. The great thing about the new 2024 drivers is there are more choices, with more fitting options than ever before, so each golfer can find their ideal fit to gain distance and further reduce misses.

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Golf Laboratories testing robot GOLF.com

On this week’s Fully Equipped podcast the whole crew sat down to discuss the full results from our exclusive Golf Laboratories driver testing to help golfers get an even deeper understanding of the results and to share more insights into which drivers work best for certain golfers.

Six new golf drivers arranged horizontally
ClubTest 2024: 18 new drivers tested and reviewed!
By: GOLF Editors

As Golf Laboratories Founder Gene Parente highlighted during the episode (which you can also find in its entirety on the Fully Equipped YouTube page) “By using the testing protocol that we do… and testing every driver at every loft, we are able to look at the entire family of drivers from any manufacturer and identify the performance variable. From there we can compare each individual club to other clubs from similar design categories to find out how they stack up” Gene went on to add “In doing the testing in this way, I believe we have gotten much more information than we ever have in years past.”

The information Gene was referencing includes Golf’s ability to dive into very specific performance characteristics including: The most accurate 2024 drivers, according to robot testing; the best drivers for heel misses; the most consistent drivers; and more detailed statistics on every 2024 driver model. So, if you’re looking to dive into data, be sure to check out the full video on GOLF’s Fully Equipped YouTube page, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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