FIRST LOOK: Titleist debuts highly anticipated new irons at Memorial

Titleist irons in hand 2023

Titleist newest T-Series irons debut this week on the PGA Tour

Ryan Barath/GOLF

Titleist’s newest irons are making their official PGA Tour debut this week at the Memorial Tournament. That means we’ll see the new sticks in Dublin, Ohio this week as part of the brand’s tour seeding process, in which new products emerge from beyond the closed doors of Titleist R&D and appear in the bags of the best players in the world. 

Based on previous adoption rates, there is a very good chance that we will see a number of players transition into the new irons this week at Memorial in preparation for the U.S. Open in a couple of weeks at L.A Country Club.

What we know: Titleist T-Series remains

Beyond what we can conclude solely from markings on the heads, Titleist has no official comment on what technology is under the hood of these new irons. But even without official insight we can make some pretty confident assumptions based on the visual cues exhibited on the various models and from previous generations.


Titleist T100 2024
Titleist’s newest T100 Ryan Barath

To quote Titleist from their TSR driver release, “This is all about evolution, not revolution”, and who can blame them? The T100 has been one of if not the single most popular iron on the PGA Tour for a number of years now and when you have a great thing that players love you don’t mess with it.

The now T100 showcases an extremely clean cosmetic and early feedback from tour has players raving about the improved feel at impact which was a key focus during the development.


Titleist iron T150 2024
Titleist’s newest T150 iron Ryan Barath

This is a big one — like, actually bigger than the T100 — and it looks to be a direct replacement to the T100S, which offered stronger lofts and a more flexible face. Unlike the T100S (and as the numbered naming suggests), this is a true blend of the previous T100 and the T200 for golfers that want additional forgiveness and ball speed in a compact shape but also wanted something a little more confidence-inspiring at address than the current T100S.

We have seen a number of Titleist staffers combine the blade and CB irons with T100 long irons, the T150 appears to be another option to allow those that want to combo the T100 with something a bit more forgiving before going to the (even bigger) T200 model.


Titleist iron T200 2024
Titleist new T200 iron Ryan Barath

Much like how the T150 is a slightly enlarged T100, the new T200 seems to be a slightly slimmed-down version of the previous generation with an aesthetic that lines up very closely to the rest of the new iron line. As much as I want to cut one of these in half and give you the full scope of the internals, I can’t — but I imagine the inside has tungsten to boost MOI.


Titleist T350 iron 2024
Titleist’s new T350 iron Ryan Barath

This is where things get really interesting because it appears Titleist is dropping the cast T300 and replacing it with a forged T350. Whether this is a combination of the T300 and T400 (as the naming suggests) and Titleist plans to stick with four T-Series iron models is unknown, but considering the T400 was introduced at a slightly different schedule compared to the better-play products there is still a chance we could see a super game improvement T400 or T450 in the future.

Final thoughts

The release of new Titleist irons is always massive news for golf gear lovers, and the updated T-Series irons looks to have answered the questions a lot of players have asked. Specifically that means creating a very cohesive look through the models and a secondary option to fit in between the T100 and T200. Just like a lot of players at this week’s Memorial, we’re excited to test them out when the time comes.

We don’t have any information on a retail release schedule but will keep you updated as information becomes available. For more of the latest gear news check out’s Fully Equipped podcast.

Ryan Barath Editor

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