ClubTest 2021: Honma T//World GS driver

Honma T World GS driver.

Courtesy of Honma

For ClubTest 2021, we tested and reviewed 22 new drivers to help you find the right one for your game. (For more on our testing process, click here.) Below are the results for the Honma T World GS driver. You can find the full list of drivers and test results here.

Honma T//World GS

9˚, 10.5˚; 11.5˚

Our take: Speed is what Honma was looking for with their T World GS driver, and that’s just what they gave to testers. “Even on my misses, I didn’t feel like I was giving up very much distance,” one tester said. Additional praises were given for the ease of adjustments, catering to players of varying ability.

Honma T//World GS Driver


The details: Consumers might not be familiar Honma’s driver line, but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. With an expanded repulsion area on the face, players can expect to see an increase in ball speed, even on off-center contact. And with three loft options and the ability to change the lie, loft and face angle, this club is made for adjustability. The best part? This is all possible without ever detaching the shaft thanks to Honma’s non-rotating system.

Where to buy it: Click here. Or better yet, get fit for a driver by the experts at our sister company, True Spec Golf.

See the Honma T//World GS driver from every angle…

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