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FIRST LOOK: Titleist TS1 lightweight driver

June 4, 2019

The R&D department at Titleist is on a serious hot streak as of late, having introduced the crazy popular TS2 and TS3 drivers earlier in the year and then recently adding the super low-spin TS4.

Now the TS family has yet another addition with the new TS1 ($499), which not only rounds out the TS fitting options but also introduces a whole new type of product for Titleist – the lightweight driver for moderate swing-speed players.

Courtesy of Titleist

Featuring an overall weight (275g) that’s approximately 45g lighter than the standard TS2, the new model is packed with all the same technologies as its heavier siblings, including an ultra-thin titanium crown that saves weight, a titanium Radial VFT (variable thickness) clubface and improved aerodynamics to enhance swing speed. It also has head-weight adjustability (-4g to +6g options) and Titleist’s proven SureFit hosel that allows for 16 independent loft and lie settings. The TS1 also boasts a clubhead that’s 8g lighter than the TS2 and lightweight grip and shaft choices.

According to Josh Talge, who serves as the vice president of marketing for Titleist Golf Clubs, the TS1 not only helps moderate swingers by promoting faster speed and higher launch but also by producing spin rates that are approximately 200 rpms more than the TS2.

Courtesy of Titleist

“The TS1 is ultimately for anyone who wants to maximize swing speed and distance but specifically for those whose average driver is in the 220-yard range or less,” he says. “The CG properties are low and deep and the combination of lightweight components makes it a great fit for a growing segment of players.”

The new TS1 is available in 9.5 (RH only), 10.5, and 12.5 (RH only) lofts with a choice of 45g Mitsubishi Fubuki Max Velocity or 40g Fujikura Air Speeder shafts. The TS1 will be at retail on June 27.

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