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New low-spin Ping G410 LST driver surfaces on USGA conforming list, debuts at Wells Fargo Championship

April 29, 2019

Ping’s LST (Low Spin Technology) model has been a popular option for a large number of professionals since it was first introduced with the G30 line. In recent years, the low-spin version has been rolled out at the same time as the rest of the models. But this year, Ping’s roll-out deviated from recent years.

When G410 was unveiled, only two drivers were part of the lineup: Plus (Standard) and SFT (Straight Flight Technology), which led many to wonder if a low-spin offering was coming down the pipeline. The answer came today in the form of the company’s 450cc G410 LST.

In addition to landing on the USGA’s conforming driver list on Monday, the driver will make its Tour debut at the Wells Fargo Championship, offering players in the field a chance to test the club and potentially put it in play before the PGA Championship.

Ping's G410 LST driver from the sole position.
Ping's G410 LST driver from the sole position.
Jonathan Wall

Ping wouldn’t comment on G410 LST, but if it’s anything like previous versions, the spin rate should differ by 300-400 RPMs compared to the Plus model. Some things can obviously be missed by a simple black-and-white photo, but going off the image posted on the USGA’s website, the sole of LST and Plus look identical, which hasn’t been the case previously.

In the past, you could differentiate the two driver models by the location of the sole weight. The LST always had a slightly more visible forward weight position to reduce spin, but it’s always possible Ping engineers were able to conceal the weight with the most recent version.

Either that or the new weight track running along the perimeter of the was altered slightly to change spin characteristics. We likely won’t have to wait very long for answers.