We tested Cleveland’s newest clubs. Here’s how they stack up | ClubTest 2024

We test and review Cleveland's newest released golf clubs to find out how they can add speed, distance and consistency in all conditions on the course.

These new Cleveland clubs helped our author make better connection with the ball.


GOLF.com’s ClubTest Proving Ground, where Managing Equipment Editor Jonathan Wall and Senior Equipment Editor Ryan Barath — along with a cast of GOLF writers and editors — put the latest designs and groundbreaking technology in the equipment space to the test on the range and the course.

For 2024 ClubTest, we paired members of our staff with the latest gear from manufacturers to give you, the potential club buyer, real insights from real golfers and their firsthand experience testing new clubs.


TESTER: Marley Sims, Commerce Editor | 15 HCP

GOAL: I’ve never been one to struggle with distance, but I’m always aiming to be more consistent with shot placement. To start putting the ball where I want it down the fairway or around/on the green, and becoming a more consistent ball-striker.

THE LOWDOWN: These new clubs from Cleveland (both the irons and the woods) have optimized larger faces to create the most possible use of MOI. The Cleveland Launcher Drivers, XL irons and Halo Launcher woods and hybrids are known to maximize forgiveness and increase ball speed to maximize forgiveness.

Not only is Cleveland offering their newest technology in their drivers, irons, woods and hybrids, but Cleveland also newly engineered a “hy-wood” which is a blend of the hybrid and wood (which you probably gathered from the name). Along with the new longer-distance clubs, Cleveland also released new short irons, wedges and putters.


If you live in an area where it’s less convenient to get fit (like myself), don’t fret. With the power of a personal launch monitor, your current set of clubs, a willful spirit and a smartphone, you can easily partake in an online or virtual fitting. In my case, one of our in-house equipment editors and club-building gurus, Ryan Barath, was able to meet virtually with me to consider my current gear, historical specs and golf ability to make an informed decision on a good set for me.

As a lifelong golfer, I know my distances and typical ball speeds off the top of my head, but still wanted to be sure of the data, so I visited a local simulator and gathered my newest numbers. Then, I listed each club in my bag along with that data and added notes about all modifications or custom aspects built into my previous set. Things like driver loft, shaft length, shaft flex and so on.

Cleveland golf clubs for 2024
Cleveland golf club reviews 2024: New Cleveland drivers, irons, fairway woods and hybrids
By: GOLF Editors

Once I was set with all the information about my previous clubs and physical ability, it was time to answer any additional questions Barath had. He began with one simple question, “Do you know your driver swing speed, and if not, which club would you hit from 130 yards?”

I didn’t have my club speed on hand, but I did know my ball speed, which is indicative of each other. My driver’s ball speed averages around 115-120 mph. If you don’t know the answer or have a personal launch monitor or simulator on hand, the latter half of the question may be the best reply for you.

I’m typically hitting an 8-iron from around 130 yards, so even without listing each of my club ranges, it’s typical to assume a golfer ranges 5-10 yards between each club. But just to be sure, I went ahead and sent him the specs I’d gathered for each of my clubs, as I previously mentioned, along with photos of my driver, irons and putter.

From there, we discussed my game’s strengths and weaknesses — long, room for dispersion improvement, goals to stick chips and improve putting accuracy. While Ryan further analyzed, I chose the putter style I’m most comfortable with and waited for feedback.

After realizing I have quite a quick and firm swing (for a woman), and considering I’d been using and preferring ‘regular’ shafts, Ryan landed on recommending an autoflex stock graphite shaft. It is a good middle ground between the stiffer, heavier shaft I typically prefer and the more whippy flex shaft I tried last year. He also suggested I stick with the same 10.5-degree standard loft for my new driver (same as my old reliable I’d been using since high school). After the consultation, I felt confident my clubs would arrive to accurately suit my game. I can attest that the virtual fitting was a fine experience, and my set is playing great so far.

My Fitted Gear

Driver: This club is designed to help you consistently make solid and square connections and ultimately allow you to fully dial in your ball flight. When you approach the tee with this driver, you’ll first notice the biggest aspect of this club — its gigantic head and face. Cleveland made this driver in two models, one with neutral bias and one with draw bias, with one common goal in mind — for golfers to make solid connections more often. You can read more about each of these models in the Launcher XL2 review and comparison. These drivers are forgiving, lightweight and adjustable.

For my swing, I opted for the regular XL2 Driver, but if you struggle with slicing your drives, your simple fix could be the Cleveland Launcher XL2 Draw model. Read more here.

Cleveland Launcher XL2 Custom Driver

It’s BIG and built for one thing: sending bombs down the middle. The all-new Launcher XL 2 Driver delivers more distance, forgiveness, and consistency than ever, thanks to new MainFrame technology, an improved XL design, and more. Step up and swing BIG. With Launcher XL 2, bigger just got better. MAINFRAME XL FACE MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex at impact to boost distance. It also repositions weight low and deep in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency. XL HEAD DESIGN With an improved XL Head Design packing even more MOI than last generation, plus a low-and-deep weighting profile, players can enjoy long, high-launching ball flight with plenty of forgiveness. REBOUND FRAME Instead of giving it one flex zone, we’ve got two. With alternating flex zones acting in-sync, Rebound Frame directs more energy into the ball for speed and distance on every shot. ACTION MASS CB An 8-gram weight tucked into the end of the shaft counterbalances the club for more control without extra effort. This counterweight helps the club feel lighter on takeaway and stay stable through impact. ADJUSTABLE HOSEL With an adjustable hosel, you can fine-tune your launch angle, distance, and shot shape. Adjust your loft, face angle, and lie angle with 12 different positions. The wrench is sold separately.
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Fairway woods/hybrids: The fairway woods are designed for maximum distance while the hybrids deliver maximum distance with ultimate control in the long game. The hybrids are a nice replacement for long irons to help give an extra edge of consistency in ball striking. I’ve gained a consistent and reliably straight 5-10 yards just by swapping these woods and hybrids into my bag.

Cleveland Launcher Halo XL Custom Fairway Wood

All-new Halo XL Fairway Woods feature upgraded GlideRail sole technology for optimal turf interaction on shots off the deck. Plus, with new MainFrame XL Faces, low Centers of Gravity, and Rebound Frame, HALO XL Fairway Woods are everything you need to ditch the duffs and launch your long game to a new level. MAINFRAME XL FACE MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex at impact to boost distance. It also repositions weight low and deep in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency. GLIDERAIL Cleveland proprietary GlideRail Technology gets a new, optimized design to deliver cleaner, uninterrupted swings through the turf. Three rails along the sole of the club help keep the face straight through impact.
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Cleveland Launcher Halo XL Custom Hybrid

  Cleveland HALO XL Hybrids are designed to help you break out of tough lies, thick rough, or even fairway bunkers. Upgraded GlideRail sole technology helps players get in and out of the turf without interference, while MainFrame injects even more MOI for added forgiveness.  MAINFRAME XL FACE MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex at impact to boost distance. It also repositions weight low and deep in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency. GLIDERAIL Proprietary GlideRail Technology gets a new, optimized design to deliver cleaner, uninterrupted swings through the turf. Three rails along the sole of the club help keep the face straight through impact.
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As for the new ‘Hy-Wood’, these clubs provide fairway wood distance but offer control similar to a hybrid. Depending on your game, any of these could be your new favorite long club in your bag.

I’m excited that I’ve added the Hy-Wood Club to my bag, as I needed a long-distance rescue type of club to fill in a gap between my 5-iron and 5-wood. Instead of jumping straight to a 3-wood, I can depend on the Hy-Wood to finish getting me down the fairway on longer holes.

Cleveland Launcher Halo XL Custom Hy-Wood

Want Hybrid control and Fairway Wood distance? Try a Hy-Wood. It’s the best elements of a Hybrid design combined with the best aspects of a Fairway Wood. So you can ditch those duff-prone Fairway Woods while still maintaining proper gapping at the top of your bag. HY-WOOD CONSTRUCTION A totally unique clubhead design blending the control of a Hybrid with the distance of a Fairway Wood, its head size and shape, along with its shaft length, fall directly between Fairway Woods and Hybrids. Plus, its lightweight Fairway Wood shaft provides an easy swing with maximum distance. MAINFRAME XL FACE MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex at impact to boost distance. It also repositions weight low and deep in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency.
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Irons: Cleveland set out to make irons for golfers who want clubs that are “easy to hit,” and with the XL face and reduced trailing edge design, they’ve done exactly that. These irons are extremely forgiving on mishits, thanks to tech that isn’t only powered by the larger face; the grooves and channels on the back of the face increase flex and encourage spin to help deliver more ball speed.

These clubs look classic, but there is nothing old school about them. Even in swings that typically bear mis-hits, these irons somehow find their way to straightening your shot and letting it launch the way you intended.

Cleveland ZipCore XL Custom Irons

Go big and get it close? Yes, please. With all-new ZipCore XL Irons, you get both. AI-designed MainFrame faces and weighting, along with our legendary ZipCore technology, combine to deliver all of the power, control, and confidence you need to hit it far and stick it close without fail. MAINFRAME Designed with the help of AI, MainFrame uses a variable network of grooves, channels, and cavities milled into the backside of the club face on ZipCore XL’s 4i–7i. This pattern helps maximize flex at impact for better COR. ZIPCORE In 8i–SW lofts, ZipCore replaces heavy steel in the hosel and heel with an extremely lightweight yet strong, vibration dampening material. This sets the Center of Gravity right where you strike the ball, giving you more consistent launch, spin, and distance. XL HEAD DESIGN Cleveland’s XL Head Design features a large, cavity back profile with enhanced shaping and weighting throughout the entire lineup.
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Wedges: From Cleveland’s new wedges, I’m trying the 52-degree, 58-degree and the G-wedge to my absolute delight. I’ve just recently begun adventuring into diversifying my wedge selection. In the recent past, I’d mostly been a dynamic pitching wedge or sand wedge type of player, but I found that by choosing a more specifically degreed wedge, I can hone in my pitching and chipping skills. By using a more specific wedge, I can alter my swing less and just shoot my shot.

The biggest highlights of the CBX 4 Zipcore wedges is the bounce and ball control. After hitting just a few chip shots with these wedges, you’ll notice the bounce aspect is incredible. The rounded bottom, coupled with a 46% larger face and additional grooves, helps to control the ball in wet or dry conditions. The grooves help with control in greenside play… big time. Instead of only having grooves on the center of the face, Cleveland extended the grooves on these wedges to cover the entire face.

Cleveland CBX 4 Zipcore Custom Wedge

New CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges bring premium versatility and elite forgiveness together in a highly refined, sharplooking design that blends perfectly in the bag with modern cavity back or hollow sets. HYDRAZIP Cleveland’s proprietary dynamic blast and laser-milled line system creates roughness to enhance friction on the face—maximizing spin in wet or dry conditions, and from anywhere around the green—while also reducing glare at address. ZIPCORE Set in the heart of CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges, this lightweight and low-density core technology works in concert with the cavity back design—reducing vibrations while also shifting weight and boosting MOI for increased feel, control, consistency, and forgiveness over last generation.
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Putter: Cleveland presents some serious business with their newest HB Soft putter selection. With the return of the ‘SOFT’ face and added grooves, there are seven styles to choose from, ranging in several variations of mallet and blade designs. Depending on your shape preference, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Per my typical preference, I opted for the shape that resembles the type of putters I’ve tended to use most of my life — the 10.5P which is the most classic mallet shape Cleveland offers in this selection. It features a plumber’s neck hosel, moderate toe hang and a slightly arced stroke type.

Cleveland HB Soft 2 #10.5P Putter

HB SOFT 2 takes Cleveland’s Speed Optimized Face Technology to all-new levels of true swing feel by syncing every head shape with balanced, stroke specific components. So all you need to do is choose the right stroke type and head shape for you, and we’ll set up everything else to spec to get consistent distance performance in a finely tuned, near-custom Putter for an optimal price. SPEED OPTIMIZED FACE TECHNOLOGY A dynamic groove milling pattern on the face of every HB SOFT 2 Putter, SOFT normalizes ball speed across an enlarged striking area—ensuring more consistent, predictable distance performance. STROKE SPECIFIC DESIGNS HB SOFT 2 features nine all-new Putters carefully assembled for straight or slight arc stroke types, each synced with its complementing hosel style, toe hang, alignment system, and grip.  
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There are some interesting models in the release, and each putter is specifically engineered per its head shape, center or gravity and weight profile. Each of these new putters has a distinct milling pattern depending on the model and design. One interesting putter to note in this selection is the center-shafted #8C, a newly-revived putter type that’s made recent waves on Tour. Another is the Retreve which fits perfectly into the hole, so you can easily retrieve your ball in one swift motion.

Read more about the details for each of these clubs in the full Cleveland HB Soft putter review.

ModelHosel TypeToe HangStroke TypeHead WeightLoftLieLength
#1Plumber’s NeckModerateSlight Arc355g70°32″, 34″, 35″
#8CCenter ShaftedFace-BalancedStraight365g70°34″, 35″
#8SSlantModerateSlight Arc365g70°34″, 35″
#10.5PPlumber’s NeckModerateSlight Arc365g70°34″, 35″
#11Single BendFace-BalancedStraight365g70°32″, 34″, 35″
#11SSlantModerateSlight Arc365g70°34″, 35″
#11CCenter ShaftedFace BalancedStraight365g70°34″, 35″
#15Single BendFace BalancedStraight365g70°34″, 35″
RetreveSingle BendFace BalancedStraight365g70°32″, 34″, 35″
Cleveland HB Soft Putter Specs

You can shop here for the full selection of Cleveland putters, but first, you can also check out the chart above to get an idea of which putter may be your go-to choice.

The Results

Overall, I’m more than satisfied with Cleveland’s newest releases. The driver, hybrids, woods and long irons are ideal clubs for those, like me, who highly regard the importance of distance in their game but want to also prioritize control and accuracy. As for the short irons, wedges and putters, the groove improvements and face technology make all the difference in finishing a hole.

Now that these clubs are helping me hone my accuracy, I can focus on shaping more long and short shots alike … and maybe even lower my handicap. If you’re looking to improve your game as well, consider these clubs in your next fitting. They’re worth a try.

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