Callaway’s 2024 bag lineup has a stylish fit for any golfer’s game

Callaway Fairway Stand Bags lineup 204 featuring 3 bag styles in this image in green, white, black, yellow.

Upgrade to a Callaway golf bag you'd be proud to carry on the course.


New year, new gear, better golf. With spring just around the corner and the pro golf season in full swing, Callaway just released its newest collection of golf bags. And great news, there’s a bag in this lineup fit for any golfer’s game.

Walking or riding, and no matter how many clubs you’re planning to carry on to the course for your round, you’ll find convenience (and style) in one of the Callaway golf bags we’re featuring below. From minimalist bags to models with 14 dividers, you’ll find a bag to fit both your game and your personality.

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By: Marley Sims

Most golfers already know and respect Callaway in a big way, but when was the last time you scrolled through their bag collection?

Each year, you’ll find new and innovative features in bag structure, design, styles, and color options. Also, you can customize Callaway golf bags with any logo and (or) add any text you’d like.

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With Callaway golf bags, the choices in color and style come in a vast array. If you see a bag you like, be sure to tap “shop here” to find your bag in just the right color and explore customization options.

Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag

Featuring a 14-top divider to help keep your clubs protected and organized, the Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag is a perfect match for those who prefer a highly curated golf bag. It has 10 pockets and plenty of space and only weighs 6 lbs. Plus, it’s compatible with riding on any golf cart, including any push cart, for those who enjoy walking around. You can snag this bag in 12 color options.

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Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag

The NEW Fairway 14 Golf Bag is a top-tier choice for golf enthusiasts, featuring the innovative Lowrider 2.0™ that ensures seamless integration within all drive, push, and pull carts. Paired with a 14-Way Shaft Shield™ Top, Flex Pod™ Base, and Anamatic™ double straps, this bag delivers a perfect blend of functionality, organization, and convenience for golfers seeking a premium experience. Weight: 6lbs, Dividers: 1, and Pockets: 10.

Callaway Fairway + Stand Bag

Featuring a 5-way divided top, this is for the organized yet more lenient golfer. I personally prefer a 5-top to allow myself to better group my clubs by distance. The top divider on the Fairway + bag is a sort of rubber that won’t clink-clack your clubs around like other bags with harder plastic tops. You’ll love the pocket space and multiple color options with this bag. There are even a few color offerings that feature the Callaway logo in their signature cursive font.


Callaway Fairway + Stand Bag

The NEW Fairway + Golf Bag exemplifies innovation with its Lowrider 2.0™ Top, allowing seamless integration within all drive, push, and pull carts. Paired with a 5-Way Shaft Shield™, Flex Pod™ base and Anamatic™ double straps, this bag combines functionality and performance for all types of golfers. Weight: 5 lbs, Dividers: 5, Pockets: 10.

Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag

This bag will be your reliable companion on the course because it has everything you need to keep your game in order. This is the most affordable bag included in this round-up and comes in the most color choices. It only weighs 4 lbs, so it’s easy to get around for travel and trekking the course.


Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag

The NEW 2024 Fairway C Golf Bag is a pinnacle of innovation with its 4-way Shaft Shield™ top that offers unparalleled protection for your golf shafts overtime. The Flex Pod™ base provides stability and exceptional actuation on all types of surfaces and slopes, making it a reliable companion on the golf course. With the added convenience of Anamatic™ double straps and a generous 8-pocket design, this lightweight 4lb bag ensures both comfort and performance for every golfer’s needs.

Callaway Fairway C HD Stand Bag

Rainy days shouldn’t keep you off the course, especially if you already have your tee time scheduled. Persevere through the weather with the water-resistant Fairway C HD. And while these bags come in 8 color options, you should take notice of the details in the design on the fabric as well. Some of these bags are more ornate than they seem. The quality and style are all here. Shop below!


Callaway Fairway C HD Stand Bag

The Fairway C HD Golf Bag sets a new standard in water-resistant golf bags with its fully seam-sealed construction, guaranteeing durability and weather resistance to protect your equipment in any conditions. Paired with the innovative 4-Way Shaft Shield™ top, Flex Pod™ base, and Anamatic™ double straps, this 9-pocket design emerges as the new benchmark for water-resistant golf bags, combining advanced features with optimal functionality for golfers seeking top-tier performance.

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