3 budget-friendly ways to instantly boost your golf clubs’ performance 

Lie and loft machine

Most golf shops will check your lies and lofts for around $5 a club. It's money well spent.

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When it comes to gaining performance with your golf clubs, a professional fitting for new clubs is usually the best option, but it’s certainly not always the most budget-friendly. So if you want to save a few clams and maximize performance with your current clubs, here are three simple and affordable ways to make sure you’re getting the most from your gear.

1. Keep your clubs clean

Sounds simple, but keeping your iron and wedge grooves clean has a huge impact on performance and most importantly spin going into and around greens. At impact, the grooves on your irons and wedges channel moisture and debris away from the face the same way tread on a tire channels keep moisture away to create traction — and the more grip, the better!

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Cleaning your clubs between shots and on the range also extends their life, because it keeps abrasive dirt out from between the ball and the clubface. Next time you’re short-sided to a tucked pin, you’ll be glad you have clean grooves to stop the ball as quickly as possible.

2. Get your lies and lofts checked

Unless you happen to have a lie and loft machine at home like the equipment-sicko writer who wrote this article, getting your irons and wedges checked on at least a semi-regular basis goes a long way.

Lie and loft machine
Lie loft measuring gauge Ryan Barath

With regular practice, clubs will tend to move out of spec — especially if you hit off mats warming up at the course or when you’re at the range. Most golf shops offer lie and loft checks for around $5 a club, and some full-service shops will also take the time to make sure you have them set to the proper lie angles before doing any bending for a small fee. 

Having the peace of mind knowing your clubs are set to the right specs goes a long way for confidence on the course by ensuring distance and direction control.

3. Replace your grips

Grips are the only connection between you and your clubs so it’s essential to make sure they’re in top shape. If you already have cleaned your grips and they’re still inadequate, new grips will immediately put life into your old clubs.

Best golf grips to keep your hands comfortable
With so many grips options, there is a perfect one for you Golf

You wouldn’t drive a racecar around a track and expect peak performance with a worn set of tires and you shouldn’t play golf with worn-out grips.

So next time you’re looking to gain performance but don’t want to break the bank, give these three tips a try to get the most from your time on the course.

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Ryan Barath

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