Bridgestone introduces Mindset visual technology

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Bridgestone Mindset technlogy in available on all Tour B models

Ryan Barath

Golfers are always trying to find different ways to improve performance and focus on the course. With the help of former world number 1 Jason Day and his long-time mental performance coach Jason Golfsmith, Bridgestone is excited to help golfers do just that with the launch of their new Mindset visual technology across their entire Tour B series of golf balls.

bridgestone mindset golf balls
Mindset is available across Bridgestone’s entire Tour B line up of golf balls Bridgestone Golf

“We have always believed that the only reason to sell printed golf balls was if they provided added value to consumers and Mindset is our first foray into the printed category,” said Dan Murphy, president of Bridgestone Golf. “It is designed to legitimately help players improve their focus and play better golf. We’re proud of this innovation and know it will benefit players of all ability levels.”

How it works

Like any preshot routine, the goal with Mindset visual technology is to quickly and easily help a golfer get into the right frame of mind over the ball. Bridgestone achieves this by using three simple steps: Identify, visualize, and focus.

Bridgestone mindset ball 2024
Bridgestone Mindest visual aid Ryan Barath

These steps line up with the colors on the outside of the visual aid just like a stoplight: Red to help the golfer stop and identify what needs to be calculated, things like distance and wind; Yellow to help the golfer prepare for the shot by visualizing what needs to be accomplished; and finally, green for … Go!

“Jason Goldsmith and I worked together to develop a pre-shot system that went beyond the simple visualization I did when I was a kid,” Day said. “He understood how critical pre-shot visualization was to my game, but also knew I needed a more structured, complete routine. Now Bridgestone has made the Mindset process available to all golfers, which is going to be a game changer for a lot of people.”

Although the visual aid can only be utilized when the ball can be positioned, it still gives golfers the most control on shots that matter the most: off the tee and on the greens.

“When we started developing the pattern, we knew it needed to have a flow and a purpose to it,” said Elliot Mellow, golf ball marketing manager. “After some experimentation, we came to the current MINDSET pattern with three different colored circles that provide a natural progression through the process. With feedback from Jason Goldsmith, validation from Jason Day, and extensive scientific consumer testing, we are confident that we’ve developed a product that will help all golfers play better.”

Price and availability

Bridgestone’s new Mindset equipped golf balls will be available at retail on all four new 2024 TOUR B golf balls (X, XS, RX, and RXS) starting on February 16, 2024, and are priced the same as the standard Tour B models at $49.99 a dozen.

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