The best carry golf bags, according to a Pinehurst caddie

Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, N.C.

Pinehurst caddie gathering information before the next shot

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Choosing the right golf carry bag can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for something minimalistic to get you around or a bag with more features and functions to help you pack for a longer day on the links, options abound for every need.

To help you with your next golf bag search, I turned to a professional caddie at the Pinehurst Resort (he asked to remain anonymous!) to share his favorite golf bags to help you make the right choice. I’ll let our expert take it from here…

proper push cart organization
This common golf-bag organizing mistake could be damaging your clubs
By: Ryan Barath

“When it comes to carry bags, Sun Mountain is one of my top choices. Their golf bags are lightweight, have plenty of room at the top to easily get clubs in and out, and they offer comfortable straps. Their stand system is also nice and stable so I don’t have to worry about it falling over.

“Next up, I’m a big fan of both the Jones Trooper and the Ping Hoofer bags that have a 4-way divider. Both of these options are lightweight and depending on the Jones model they have straps that can be carried on both sides; I know a lot of golfers aren’t worried about carrying two bags at once, but with a bag like the Jones, you can carry on either shoulder, which is a nice touch.”

Jones Sports Co Trouper R – Moon Gray

 The Trouper R is our newest and most sustainable golf bag to date. Designed with a versatile single or double shoulder strap configuration, the Trouper R is your ideal companion on the course. A large insulated front cooler pocket has enough space to  keep four 16oz cans cold. The two newly improved fleece-lined valuable compartments and seven-pocket design secures valuables while allowing for straightforward access. A large five-way divider allows for simple organization and an easy pull for all 14 clubs, even with oversized grips. Simply put, the Trouper R delivers an effortless and reliable experience for any player round after round.    Personalize the Trouper R and make it yours today.*Jones does not recommend loose ice cubes in cooler.* The new R-series features a recycled, ripstop material, woven from 100% PET single-use plastic bottles. The most innovative, durable, and water-resistant fabric to date, the R-series supports Jones’ commitment towards a more sustainable future. Tested and proven in the ever-changing climate of the Pacific Northwest.  
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“Another fun thing about the Ping bags is how they hide their rain hood in the hip/back pad on the bag so you never have to worry about it taking up extra space in the big side pocket or just completely forgetting it.”

PING 2023 Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

The Hoofer Lite’s enduring popularity will only grow with this new edition, which boasts an innovative new bottom that reduces club tangle by guiding clubs to the correct segment and keeping clubs separated while carrying. More upgrades: a stacked pocket configuration for easier access, an expanded ball pocket, and flexible storage. The re-designed bag top makes for easier handling, and 14 wide-ranging colorways are offered (2 women’s). 
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“Another stand bag that stands out is the TaylorMade FlexTech. Like others, it has a stable leg system that quickly deploys and comfy straps that are easily adjusted. One thing that I like about the TaylorMade (and something that most of these bags have) is the big handle at the top that allows you to move it short distances without having to throw the straps on.”

Taylormade flex tech golf bag
TaylorMade FlexTech golf bag. TaylorMade Golf

Fairweather golf bags

Seamus Hiwahiwa Aqua Sunday Bag
Seasmus Sunday bag Seamus golf
Ping Hoofer stand golf bag
Ping’s pioneering Hoofer stand bag has kept golfers upright for 3 decades
By: Evan Rothman

“As caddies, we love a nice minimalistic bag, but the one thing to keep in mind is that many of the options available are not fully waterproof so they can take on water if it starts to rain or the ground is wet. You can always try your best to keep them off the ground, but at some point, you have to set it down and in a lot of cases they take on water and get heavier.

“If you are going to use one of these bags, just keep that in mind and try to use them on nice dry days so you’re not cursing your wet golf bag.”

The original Ping stand bag Ping Golf

“Last but not least, for those on a budget and looking for something different, the classic Ping Hoofers and L8 bags are still great when you can find them in good shape. Not only are they easy to carry but they also still look cool and offer up a funky retro vibe.”

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