The 6 favorite things GOLF staffers added to their bags in 2022

puttout mirror compact putter

PuttOut's compact putting mirror can take your practice sessions to the next level.


When you work at, testing out new gear is part of the gig — clubs and otherwise. While we try not to play favorites, everyone on our staff found something in 2022 that stood out from the pack. Below are 6 items that earned a spot in our bag for the foreseeable future.

Jonathan Wall (Managing Editor, Equipment)With kids moving me in every direction for a myriad of practices and events, my practice time has decreased considerably in the last few years. I used to lean heavily on a reliable short game and putter to keep me competitive, but even that’s started to betray me recently. Even if I can’t bang balls for several hours, I can always justify a quick 15-20 minutes on the practice green working on my putting. Before the compact PuttOut mirror, I rarely practiced with a purpose. Now I’m spending those valuable minutes actually working on something that’ll benefit my game.

puttout mirror compact putter

PuttOut putting mirror


The mirror, which easily fits in the small side pocket of my golf bag, makes it possible to check face and top-line position at address, as well as where your eyes are positioned in relation to the ball at setup. The lines on the mirror also make it a cinch to track takeaway and impact to see if your putter head is moving offline. At $29.99, it’s a great bang for your buck.

cruden bay beanie

Cruden Bay beanie


Sean Zak (Senior Writer and Host): The softest beanies in golf are being sold at Cruden Bay, in Scotland. At least that’s what I think every time I played fall golf and wanted to keep my dome a bit warmer. The real lesson here is to find a golf beanie you’re not going to need elsewhere. That way it can just sit there neatly tucked into your bag, always there exactly when you need it. 

Callaway Rogue ST 2022 drivers.

Callaway Rogue ST


Connor Federico (Video Producer and Editor): The Callaway Rogue ST driver is really worth the hype it’s been getting. For a mid-handicapper like me, I know mishits off the tee are going to happen at least a couple times during my round. I’ve never had a driver that makes the most of these mishits quite like the Rogue. But when you do hit it in the sweet spot, the ball just keeps traveling. I couldn’t be happier to have it.

supergoop sunscreen

Supergoop Sunscreen


James Colgan (Assistant Editor): That beanie is heaven for your skull, Zak, I can attest. I started keeping a travel kit of Supergoop Sunscreen in my bag this year, and it remains my best purchase of ‘22. The small size means it’s accessible without being weight-bearing, and the variety of sunscreen options means I can pick the one that best matches my level of exposure. In ‘23, we’re taking care of our skin, and we’re starting with Supergoop. 

Ping G425 FW

Ping Fairway Wood


Nick Piastowski (Senior Editor): A Ping 7-wood. And a Ping 3-wood. Both are heavenly. But this can also be answered another way: I have also finally replaced my 5-wood. It wasn’t easy. I’m loyal. I won it in an intense match among workers at the grocery store I worked at in college — me, a grocery stocker, and my partner, a frozen department stocker, defeated the frozen manager and a dairy stocker in a 4-and-3 demolition — and the 5-wood’s been in the bag ever since.

The brand is unimportant — I just Googled it, and you won’t find it anywhere. And I stuck with it, even with the cruel, cruel taunts of “80s tech.” How mean! But it was time. When you’re in the golf space, it’s hard not to bite, and I finally did. But fear not! I kept it. As the longtime saying goes, you don’t toss away defunct-brand clubs, with long-ago specs, won during a match between grocery store workers. No way.     

taylormade mystealth plus driver

TaylorMade MyStealth


Jack Hirsh (Assistant Editor): A TaylorMade MyStealth Plus driver. There are people who have a favorite color and then there are people who have a favorite color. I fall into the latter category with my love of the color blue. I go with blue grips, a blue golf bag, blue headcovers and even my putter head is blue. I was in the market for a new driver, I had to get a Stealth Plus with a blue face. I also went with a white topline to help with my alignment. It’s absolutely been my favorite driver I’ve had and is probably only the second driver I’ve had that allows me to shape the ball both directions. Not to mention the ball speed gains have been significant. Was it a bit of a splurge to go for the custom colors? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes. Did it also come with a sick multicolored headcover? Yes, a third time.

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Jonathan Wall Editor

Jonathan Wall is GOLF Magazine and’s Managing Editor for Equipment. Prior to joining the staff at the end of 2018, he spent 6 years covering equipment for the PGA Tour. He can be reached at