‘It’s a simple suggestion that will pay off’: 3 major winners offer 3 foolproof gear tips

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Nelly Korda preaches the importance of getting fit for your equipment.

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Professional golfers see more than their fair share of amateur equipment setups during pro-ams and charity events. While they don’t claim to be experts in the equipment field, they have a good understanding of what weekend golfers need to improve (or fix) when it comes to their gear.

During a recent chat with Lexi Thompson, Lydia Ko and Nelly Korda, the three former major winners offered sage advice to help get your equipment setup in a better place.

Lexi Thompson

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“The length of the club generally isn’t fit to their body. That’s usually a common problem for beginners. If the club is too short, you’re forced to bend over and the delivery will be off — even if the swing is solid. The same thing happens if the club is too long. Getting a fitter involved is the best way to make sure you have the right length. It’s a simple thing that makes a big difference.

“And the other would be shaft flex. I see golfers who swing it on the slower side using an extra-stiff flex that generally isn’t designed for their speed. Using something too stiff won’t allow you to get the ball in the air. Flex can be a good thing. There’s a point where too much flex can hurt your game, but I usually see most going too stiff instead of the other way.”

Lydia Ko

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“Don’t just buy a club simply because a tour pro is using it. I feel like [amateur golfers] do this a lot, and it hurts their game because they are now playing a club that either isn’t suited for their game or properly fit. I still remember Tiger switching to that shaft and thinking if Tiger used it, it must be the shaft for me. Not necessarily. Even still, it felt like the whole world used that shaft. I used that shaft. Just because Tiger is using it, you still need to realize it probably isn’t right for you. I’ve learned my lesson, but I’ll admit I’ll still see Justin Thomas or another big name play well and I’ll say, ‘Oh, that putter looks good.’ It’s just the temptation. I no doubt get tempted to do some research to see what model they are using.”

Nelly Korda

Nelly Korda is the cover star of GOLF's May 2022 issue.
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Get fit by a professional. A lot of golfers get their clubs at the shop and never have them fit to their swing — and I think that’s really important. You spend a lot of money on those clubs and want them to work. I’ve never understood why a golfer would not want that driver or irons to fit their swing. It feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle. If you get fit, you give yourself the best chance to improve. I’ve seen first-hand how technology can help my game. The technology is important, but only if it’s built for your game. Just go get fit. It’s a simple suggestion that will pay off.”

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