Is your local muni golf course underrated? We want to hear about it!

george wright

George Wright Golf Course, a stellar muni in Hyde Park, Mass.

Boston Parks and Rec Dept.

Not every corner of America has a public-access course that has been celebrated on a Top 100 list. But just about every city, suburb and neighborhood does have a municipally-funded course — aka a muni — just a short drive away. In the June issue of GOLF Magazine, we’ve nominated America’s 30 best municipal courses (you can view the list here), but we know the roster of our nation’s beloved munis runs much deeper, and we need your help to identify them.

The 30 best municipal golf courses in America, according to GOLF’s raters
By: GOLF’s Raters & Ran Morrissett

Your insights will help shape our muni ranking in the coming years and could provide fodder for forthcoming muni-minded articles on (If you’re unfamiliar with our Muni Monday series, check it out here.)

So, what makes a muni great? There’s no right answer.

Could be a fun or quirky design. Maybe it’s home to lively league play or a thriving junior program. Or perhaps it’s just the devoted regulars who make the place special.

Let us know about the best muni in your area in the submission box below. And thank you for your contribution!

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