Tour the Merion Golf Club men’s locker room, one of the coolest spots in golf

merion locker room

History is everywhere at Merion Golf Club, especially in the locker room. The two-floor space in the stone clubhouse features hundreds of lockers to accommodate its members and guests, all of it packaged with a classic feel.

Rows of mint-green lockers line the outside of the room, while lofted ceilings with windows above allow light to seep into the room. Calling it heavenly might be a bit of a stretch, but there is something about the space that feels sacred.

Ahead of this year’s Curtis Cup, we took a step inside Merion to enjoy all it has to offer. Check out below for a peek inside one of the coolest spots in golf.

Stairs lead up to the second-story locker room. After being greeted by a locker-room attendant, you walk into this open space with high-lofted ceilings. Zephyr Melton
The first alcove of lockers has a small window at the end overlooking the practice putting green and, beyond that, the 18th green. Not a bad place to change your shoes after the round. Zephyr Melton
Historic club artifacts adorn the posts separating the lockers. Zephyr Melton
Think you’re running late for your tee time? Check the time on this Timex clock from the 1981 U.S. Open. Zephyr Melton
The lockers aren’t flashy, but their age is part of the charm. Zephyr Melton
Merion’s locker room features two floors, with an opening in the middle to peer down to the main floor below. Zephyr Melton
A post-round shower is a must, and towels are provided in neatly stacked pyramids. Zephyr Melton
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