Masters poll: Is the tee shot on 12 at Augusta really *that* hard?

tiger woods tees off on the 12th hole during the final round of the 2019 masters

Is the tee shot on the par-3 12th at Augusta National really that hard? We asked our expert teachers. Here's what they said.

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Over the years, GOLF has polled PGA Tour pros and our ultra-savvy readers about the quirks, extraordinary challenges and outright awesomeness of Augusta National. But when it comes to the Masters, there’s always more to learn. So, who better to school us than GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers in America? Their syllabus is below. Check back for more survey answers in the coming days!

Is the tee shot at Augusta National’s 12th hole really *that* hard?

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“It’s difficult because of the pressure both mentally and physically. The landing area is only eight paces from front fringe to back fringe. Mix the swirling winds and non commitment to the club selection and situational pressure makes this one of the toughest shots in golf!” —Don Sargent Jr.

“It’s a difficult hole because of how small the landing area is. It’s shocking how little space there is from back to front on that green, and the angle it sits at is awkward. There are very few places to miss that are easy up-and-downs. Combine that with swirling wind and it’s tough for member play — let alone Sunday at the Masters.” —Tony Ruggiero

“No. 12 is not necessarily hard on paper, but when you factor in the swirling winds and small target, it gets tough. The club you should hit can change from minute to minute based on the wind. Players know this, which makes the mental element of the hole very tough. At the end of the day you’ve got to make a disciplined decision and stick to it.” —Mike Bender

“It might look easy, but it’s anything but. The wind is nearly impossible to figure out, and the penalty for the wrong club is a ball in Rae’s Creek. That’s quite a steep penalty.” —Brian Manzella

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