WATCH: Lion chases down leopard at the wildest golf course you’ve ever seen

Skukuza Golf Club is a wild, fascinating place. The nine-hole course is located within the limits of Kruger National Park in South Africa, which immediately sends it to the top of the “best wildlife sightings” golf course power rankings. Evidence of that popped up over the weekend, when video surfaced of a lion chasing after a leopard on the grounds.

The video, posted to the “Latest Sightings – Kruger” Facebook page, appears to be taken by a particularly brave soul (posted by club captain Jean Russouw) from a vehicle with a bright light. It begins on a leopard, strutting along the edge of several out of bounds markers, when the vehicle approaches. Then, boom! The king of the jungle appears out of nowhere, and at full speed.

The leopard successfully escapes out of bounds, while the lion, playing it cool, turns back to face the videographer before strutting off. See if you can watch that just once.

There’s plenty more to Skukuza Golf Club than just this high-speed chase, however. Skukuza, which is the only course in the park, got its start in 1967, when enthusiasts began playing on rugby fields and an old airstrip near their encampment. Eventually, they worked their way up to a six-hole and then finally a nine-hole course, now decked out with multiple sets of tees for an 18-hole experience.

The course, notably, has no fences. That means the possibilities of wildlife encounters are through the roof. According to the course’s website, a lion once killed a buffalo on the first green, just one in a string of adventures involving wild dogs, boars, impalas and more. Golfers must sign an indemnity form before teeing off, which sounds like an experience that might put you on edge.

In 1999, the course opened up to the public, and tee times come at a bargain, starting at 230 Rand ($16.37) for guests.

Take a peek at some more of this place.

An iron shot over a herd of elephants at No. 3:

Add in some crocodiles for good measure.

A few more lions under the cover of darkness…

Breakfast time for parent and child:

And the sunset over Lake Panic isn’t half bad, either.

One thing is for sure: Skukuza just skyrocketed up the bucket list. But if I ever make it there, I’ll have my head on a swivel.

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