The Extra Spin Poll: Unlimited Golf or One Round at Augusta?

November 26, 2015

This year’s golf season is winding down, and we’re already looking ahead to 2016. As you plan out your rounds for the upcoming golf season, consider this latest Extra Spin Poll Question: Would you rather play only one round all year, but it’s at Augusta National, or play unlimited golf at your local club?

This is a toughie. You’re basically deciding between the all-time golf bucket list item and taking a year away from the game. If you play at Augusta National, you will have the ultimate trump card in any story-telling contest with your buddies. Amen Corner! The azaleas! The secrecy! It doesn’t matter what you shoot; what matters is that you played. But on the flip side, that is your only round of the year. Last minute invite to a Top 100 course with your boss? Nope. Quick nine after work on a summer afternoon? Nope. You’re one and done.

But it’s a great one.

Let us know what you think in the poll below and share with your friends to see if you’re crazy or not.