A $29 investment to fly care-free when traveling with golf clubs

the apple airtag

An Apple AirTag is an easy addition to your golf bag.

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Traveling with golf clubs can be a double-edged sword. First off, it’s great, because that means you are going to play golf somewhere. However, playing a bucket-list course or going on a buddies trip and not having your clubs join you is enough to put a damper on any round.

But while you can’t go below the plane and make sure your clubs are safely on board, you can track them, and there are devices that will help you do so better than you follow your own wayward drives with your own eyes.

Enter the Apple AirTag, which isn’t necessarily new but is a new idea for most golfers. It’s extremely simple. It’s a coin-sized Bluetooth tracker that you place in your bag, and you can monitor your bag’s every move with Apple’s Find My app. It will even tell you the actual distance your clubs are away from you. This also works in the rare occasion your clubs get stolen, whether at the airport or from your trunk or garage.

Some airlines have trackers on their apps that tell you when your luggage is loaded onto the plane and are at their carousel, but that function doesn’t work 100 percent of the time and not every airline even offers it.

Here’s the best part. One of these tags will cost you just $29 (or a four-pack for $95), and its battery should last over a year before you need to replace it. Now that’s what we call a good investment to keep any anxieties at bay. (To browse more Bluetooth trackers, click here.)

Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag is a coin-sized Bluetooth tracker you can place in your golf bag and track your bag’s every move with Apple’s Find My app.
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