You Can Now Buy the Claret Jug John Daly Won in 1995

March 24, 2016

John Daly will soon make his debut on the PGA Champions Tour, so it seems an apt time to take a nostalgic walk back through his career. Green Jacket Auctions has just the piece of golf history memorabilia to help creaking memories along: they’re selling Daly’s claret jug from his unexpected win at the 1995 British Open.

When Daly triumphed at the Open, he was 29 and widely considered to be American golf’s uncouth, un-tameable wild card. Sports Illustrated’s commentary on the win began like this

“Barkeep, Pour us another giant Slurpee and toss us half a dozen Ding Dongs. Lend us a Marlboro and six or so of them Advil. Fill up that ol’ claret jug with Diet Coke, and let’s everybody shave each other’s heads. We need to celebrate John Daly-style because the Kid from the Wrong Side of the Country Club just went and won himself a British Open at the Home of Golf is all.”

The sterling silver trophy will run you about $8,000 as the bidding currently stands. According to the site, this is Daly’s “player” version of the jug. Daly himself later mentioned the auction on Twitter.