New York Yankees’ Aaron Hicks makes hole-in-one on a par-4… with a 3-wood

New York Yankees Aaron Hicks hole in one

Aaron Hicks celebrates a recent unlikely hole-in-one.


Cheyenne Woods is a top-level golfer, having competed in more than 80 LPGA Tour events following an award-winning college career. She’s also the niece of Tiger Woods. But she wasn’t the star of a recent story on her Instagram page (152,000 followers strong) featuring an incredible feat of golf mastery.

The golfer commanding the spotlight was instead New York Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks. Unsurprisingly given his skills on the baseball diamond, Hicks can pound a golf ball a mile. Just last week a video circulated of him clearing the net at a Topgolf.

According to Cheyenne’s post, the pair played a round together recently at Silverleaf Club in Arizona, where Hicks once again showed off his prodigious length, but this time on a real golf course. And it turns out he’s pretty accurate, too.

Hicks made an incredible hole-in-one on a 303-yard par-4. Even more incredible? He did it with a 3-wood.

Woods shared a video of a jubilant Hicks picking his ball out of the hole, which was re-posted on Twitter by @TallkinYanks. You can check it out for yourself below.

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