How you can win free beer during the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match

Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson at Medalist Golf Club.

If Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Phil Mickelson makes a hole in one, you win free beer.

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Free. Beer. 

That’s it. That’s another reason to watch Sunday’s The Match: Champions for Charity

Either the team of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning, or the team of Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady will win. Charity will win, as all proceeds will go toward coronavirus relief. And you could win, as Michelob Ultra is giving away free six-packs of its beer to anyone in the country 21 and older should Woods, Manning, Mickelson or Brady make a hole in one during the event. (Details here.)

You’ll want to be paying attention at holes 4, 8, 12 and 16 at Medalist Golf Club – the course’s par-3s – and hole 11, a 342-yard par-4 considered drivable. According to the National Hole in One Registry, the odds of a PGA Tour player making a hole in one are 3,000 to 1, and the odds of an average player making an ace are 12,000 to 1.

“We believe that golf is best enjoyed with a beer in hand, which is why we’re excited to help fans celebrate this moment in sports history,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president of Michelob Ultra, in a release. 

Judge Manning might be worth watching, too. 

For its commercials, Michelob Ultra has used video and sound technology to insert Manning’s face and voice into the Judge Elihu Smails character from “Caddyshack.” Manning appears in the scene toward the end of the movie when the Danny Noonan character is attempting to make a putt and Smails says, “Well, we’re waiting.” He also appears in the scene where the movie’s gopher is digging through the Bushwood Country Club golf course and Smails says, “Do you know what gophers can do to a golf course?”     

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