Why American star Stacy Lewis is boycotting an LPGA major

November 17, 2017

Stacy Lewis isn’t happy with the LPGA’s fifth major, the Evian Championship, held in France in September. Despite tour commissioner Mike Whan’s recent attempts to placate critics of the tournament, Lewis skipped the Evian in 2017 and does not regret her decision; she says she’ll continue not to prioritize the event so long as it takes place in the fall and not the summer.

“Not being there this year and seeing what was going on, to me, it justified why I wasn’t there, just the decisions that were made and the way they were made,” Lewis told the Golf ChannelThis year the tournament was plagued by rain and hail, leading to the event being shrunk to 54 holes and first round scores deleted. 

On November 7, Mike Whan addressed some of the criticism of the Evian, which has been a major since 2013.“The challenges we’ve faced are man-made. And I’m the man who made them,” he said. But Whan said that changing the date of the beleaguered event likely wouldn’t happen until 2019.

“The date is the biggest thing to me,” Lewis said of the schedule issue. “Because it will make the golf course better. It will be warmer. It’s going to be a better tournament in general.”