We Need to Talk About Michael Jordan’s Unorthodox Golf Swing

December 21, 2016


We all know golfers who have, ahem, uncomely swings, but they’re always winning money off you in your weekend matches. You’ve got your backswing perfectly on plane, weight transfer is solid and that time at the range spent working on your angle of attack is really paying off. And yet the player who steps up to the tee and swings like a mashup of Jim Furyk-Charles Barkley-Ryan Moore-This Guy is beating you all the time.

That person is Michael Jordan.

MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time, and he’s a really good golfer, too. (His handicap is officially a 1.9, even though he hasn’t posted a score in more than three years.) The stories of him trash-talking on the course are almost as legendary as his smack talk on the court, and it seems like he’s always teeing it up in Florida or the Bahamas. But goodness, that swing. How can someone whose body produced a picture-perfect jump shot also generate this type of movement? Even the Washington Post has piled on the hate.

There’s no need to break it down frame-by-frame, just watch the video below and rest easy tonight knowing your swing is prettier than Michael Jordan’s…but you’d never beat him in a match.

GOAT sighting

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