WATCH: Two venomous snakes do battle on South African golf course

May 25, 2017

We’ve seen gator vs. python wage war on the golf course, but how about snake vs. snake?

Two venomous Black Mamba snakes were seen fighting it out on the 14th fairway at Leopard Creek Country Club, just outside of Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa. Cara Treherne stopped her foursome short of the display and pulled out her camera.

“It was amazing to watch and seemed to go on for ages,” Treherne said. “We debated about carrying on playing the hole, but after a little while longer, we decided to drive past them at a wide berth and go to the next hole.”

Good move, Cara. While Black Mambas are not known to be particularly aggressive and generally aren’t proximal to humans, making attacks rare, their venom is particularly potent and can cause collapse within 45 minutes from a single bite.

Treherne said the snakes tired after awhile, and though there was no clear winner, the battle is a sight to behold.