WATCH: Tiger Woods gives epic response to $85K Masters bet

Though Tiger Woods missed the cut in last week’s PGA Championship, the Big Cat certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

On Friday, professional poker player Adam Weinraub posted an Instagram video of Tiger hitting balls and taking questions at what appears to be a private clinic. Weinraub teased the video post with an intriguing caption: “I got to ask Tiger Woods what everyone wanted to know! #7daystovegas #wpt #tigerjam #tigerwoods.”

The video begins with Tiger going into his pre-shot routine with an iron in hand. A microphone is clipped onto his belt. “Tiger, what do you think about the guy who bet $85,000 for you to win the Masters?” asks Weinraub from off-camera.

Without lifting his head or missing a beat, Tiger responds: “F—in’ great bet,” before unleashing what looks like a perfect iron shot.

The crowd erupts, and as Tiger comes out of his finish position, he turns to look at the audience with a wide, cheeky smile and nod, which whips them into even more of a frenzy, whooping, whistling and cheering their approval.

As the crowd calms down, Tiger prepares to hit another shot. But just as he looks like he’s about to wind into his backswing, he stops and addresses the audience again.

“He’s a dumbass for the grand slam part, though,” he says.

The crown erupts once more, and Tiger resumes hitting shots.

The bets Weinraub and Woods were referencing were those of James Adducci. Adducci made headlines when it was revealed that he placed an $85,000 bet on Tiger to win the Masters at 14/1 odds. When Woods claimed his 15th major victory in Augusta last month, Adducci won $1.19 million. Just weeks later, Adducci placed a $100,000 bet on Tiger to win the grand slam. He placed the bet at 10/1 odds, though the calendar-year grand slam is a feat that has never been accomplished in the modern era. After Tiger’s missed cut at Bethpage Black, Adducci is unfortunately out of luck on that one.

The good news? He still has over $1 million left from his original winnings to wager on the remaining two major championships this year.

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