Watch This Great Swing From 2-Year-Old Golfer

April 18, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.02.17 PM.png

Tiger Woods’ first documented swing came when he was just two years old. The Mike Douglas Show had the youngster on in 1978 and let him show off that beautiful swing to the world. 

Video has helped that specific episode live for decades, but finally, for that toddler age bracket, Woods might actually have some competition.

An Instagram post from golf instructor Victor Fookes has made it’s way around the Internet the last few days, the reason being the flawless swing from a 2-year-old.

The child not only has the swing, but also the elongated follow through, up to a Tour-like standard of fluidity. And doing it all without golf spikes. Now that’s impressive.

Take a look at the swing below.