WATCH: Snowboarder hits ridiculous golf trick shot on top of a mountain

December 8, 2017

Unless you live in the South (or New Zealand, like the trick shot artist below), the end of fall means it’s time to pack your clubs away for months until warmer temperatures return in the spring. But some golfers can’t handle the layoff, and instead find creative ways to scratch their golf itch.

Enter New Zealand professional golfer Tania Tare.

Tare, a Cobra staff golfer and trick shot master, posted a video to Twitter this week showing off her latest feat of trickery (h/t to Kyle Porter of CBS Sports).

In the video, Tare is snowboarding at a resort in California. At the start of the clip, her friend and fellow snowboarder flips a golf ball off the end of her board. Then a driver-wielding Tare boards down and smacks a pure shot before the ball reaches the ground. Watch for yourself below.