WATCH: Scott McCarron punishes driver after incurring penalty stroke

October 21, 2017

Ah, the Rules of Golf. They’re meant to help us, but unfortunately, even when you’re adhering to the letter of the law, things can still go awry, wreaking further havoc on your scorecard.

Such was the case for poor Scott McCarron during Friday’s round at the PGA Tour Champions Dominion Energy Charity Classic.

McCarron took a routine drop on the 18th green, but unfortunately, as he bent down to pick up the tees he used to mark his drop area, the driver he was holding slipped out of his hands and moved his ball—a violation of Rule 18-2 (Ball at Rest Moved by Player, Partner, Caddie or Equipment). The penalty? One shot.

As you can see below, McCarron was not happy—and his driver bore the brunt of his displeasure.