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WATCH: Australian YouTube star breaks world record with 395-foot putt

February 24, 2017

Man, what a read.

Earlier this month Australian YouTube star Brett Stanford put the long-putting feats of Dave Pelz and Michael Phelps to shame by draining a 135-yard left-to-right breaker on a course in Western Australia. If you’re keeping score at home, that computes to roughly a 400-footer and a new world record for the “longest golf putt non-tournament,” according to the good folks at the Guinness World Records. Check out the amazing hole-out here:

Stanford broke the record held by Fergus Muir, a Scotsman who in 2001 drained a 125-yarder at the St. Andrews Eden Course with a hickory-shafted putter. That putt now looks like a mere tap-in.

The young Aussie is a member of the aptly named YouTube posse, How Ridiculous, who are renowned for their basketball trick-shot prowess. Here they are making a basket from the top of the Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland, a height of more than 593 feet. (Yes, but can they can they make a putt from there?)