WATCH: Vijay Singh had a priceless reaction watching Bryson DeChambeau on the Masters range

Vijay Singh watches Bryson DeChambeau hit drivers on Monday at the Masters.

Vijay Singh is in awe while watching Bryson DeChambeau hit driver on the range on Monday at the Masters.

Golf Channel

Bryson DeChambeau’s plan to take unimaginable lines and bring Augusta National to its knees at the 2020 Masters never exactly worked out as planned, but this year he’s hoping for better results.

He’s further along in his speed-training quest and, plus, the course will reportedly play firmer and faster this week than it did in November, when DeChambeau finished T34. DeChambeau was going through one of those speed-training drills on Monday at Augusta, although this time he had one surprising onlooker: Vijay Singh.

Singh, the 58-year-old 2000 Masters champ, took time away from his own warm-up to watch a hulking DeChambeau rip four drivers in about 40 seconds, at least that’s what a Golf Channel live look-in captured. A causal Singh, seemingly in no hurry at all, leaned on his driver and stared directly at the 27 year old, watching him swing and then snapping his neck to follow the ball flight. The best part? Singh reacted to one drive by laughing.

“There’s not a lot of talking going on,” said Golf Channel’s Mark Rolfing on the broadcast. “He hit more balls in the last minute than Fred Couples did in the last hour out there. All Freddie did was basically wander around and talk to people.”

“It’s exhausting to watch,” said Cara Banks.

Speed training with DeChambeau is no joke, though. Our Sean Zak should know. DeChambeau recently put him through the gauntlet. (You can watch that video below.) Apparently we can add Vijay to that list.

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