Vice Golf Balls: The Price is Right

April 30, 2015

Founded in Germany in 2012 by two friends who met while surfing, Vice Golf brings premium balls to consumers at a low cost.

The company offers seven models—and a few striking color options—that can be bought in bulk for as low as $1.25 per ball (if you order five dozen or more). And unless your passion for golf is fleeting (how could it be?), you’ll eventually need that many.

The Pro, Tour and Drive balls are all three-piece designs that feature Vice’s closely held formula in the outer coating for enhanced durability.

The Pro ($24.95/dozen), the company’s most expensive ball, features a 318-dimple design for both distance and spin control. The Tour ($15.95) promises stable ball flight, while the Drive ($10.95) is the lowest-priced option. Launching this week is the Pro Plus, Vice Golf’s first four-piece ball. vicegolf.com from $20

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