U.S. Open 2019: There is currently property for sale on Pebble Beach Golf Links

Alright big spenders, it’s time to pony up. There’s some precious real estate on Pebble Beach calling your name.

The world-famous golf course, which is the setting for some very famous houses, currently has not just one but two open lots available for purchase. The lots are side-by-side along the par-3 12th hole (imagine sneaking out there by yourself in the evening), and are virtually untouched.

For $12 million, this land could be all yours.
For $12 million, this land could be all yours.

It appears there was once a single house on the property, as evidenced by the asphalt driveway. And while the lots are available to be separated, their sale must be closed concurrently, according to the website. The price: $12 million. To keep up with the neighbors, you might just want to just buy both. Together, they promise more than 200 feet of golf course frontage.

In total, the property is 1.24 acres, or about 54,000 square feet. With the U.S. Open acting as a phenomenal open house, Sotheby’s Realty was hosting a party on the grounds Saturday afternoon. The mixed drinks were flowing, and the payoff was obvious: an unobstructed view of approach shots into holes 11 and 12. Tough to beat that. For the ultimate golfer, Monterey Peninsula is the place to be, with seven world-class golf courses in the immediate area. You can see an assessor’s rendering below, featuring the dimensions of properties in the area, as well as a zoomed-out look at the golfy neighborhood.

The lot(s) in yellow are available for sale.