U2’s Bono: ‘The only thing you can be fired for from U2 is playing golf.’

November 27, 2017

He’s one of the world’s most famous people, and could likely access even the most exclusive golf clubs with ease, but all that influence is wasted for U2 frontman Bono because of one small detail.

He doesn’t play golf. Unthinkable, isn’t it?

Sad but true — and his aversion to the game has deep roots.

The Irish Mirror reports that Bono’s wife, Ali (whom he married in 1982), suggested that he take up a hobby. 

“I asked if she wanted me to play golf,” Bono told the Mirror, “But then we made a pact never to play golf because both of our parents played golf.”​

In fact, the consequences for taking an interest in the game are quite dire, even for the other members of the band.

“The only thing you can be fired for from U2 is playing golf,” Bono said.

Last year, Bono revealed to the Mirror that the no golf rule has been long standing for the group. “When we started as a band we committed to the principles of a golf-free band,” he said.

On behalf of golf lovers everywhere, may we be the first to tell Bono: You’re missing out!