Twitter reacts to unconceded putt controversy at U.S. Girls’ Junior

July 29, 2017

The news of Friday’s unconceded putt controversy at the U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship has made the Twitter rounds, and based on a quick straw poll of the responses, commenters are incensed over the way the match ended.

A quick refresher: Erica Shepherd and Elizabeth Moon were playing the 19th hole of their semi-final match. Shepherd missed a lengthy putt for birdie and Moon conceded her short par putt. Moon had a much shorter look at birdie to win the hole and the match. When Moon missed her putt and left herself a few inches for par, she raked the ball back in disgust—before Shepherd conceded it. 

Shepherd said, “I didn’t say that was good.” The rules official then got involved, and even though Shepherd said she would have conceded it if she had had time before Moon raked it back, the damage was done. Moon was assessed a one-stroke penalty for moving a ball in play (a violation of Rules 18-2), and Shepherd won the hole and the match.

Predictably, Twitter users were quick to step in with an opinion.

Shepherd will play in the U.S. Junior Girls’ 36-hole final on Saturday.