Webb Simpson: ‘The setup has been too tough for a PGA’

August 12, 2017

Much was made of the renovations to Quail Hollow in the run-up to the 99th PGA Championship, which made the course more difficult. The PGA of America then increased the difficulty even more with a tough course setup this week. PGA Tour player and Quail Hollow member Webb Simpson is not a fan.

Simpson, who likely sees the course more than any of his professional contemporaries, said, “The setup has been too tough for a PGA, to be honest.” This came after Simpson singled out the pin location on the 18th hole.

“18, we have got a pin six yards on the green. The false front is eight yards, which means you are supposed to ball right of the hole,” Simpson said. “Now we have to get it past the hole so the ball doesn’t come back off the green. Little things like that, me and my caddie said if they just put the pin four yards farther back, then still a really hard hole but it’s fair.”

This also came after Simpson three-putted on 18 from 54 feet.