WATCH: Wind Blows Billy Horschel’s Ball Off Green and Into Water

April 9, 2016

AUGUSTA — Billy Horschel successfully cleared the water on the par-5 15th hole at Augusta National on Saturday — or so he thought.

Horschel’s ball was sitting short of the hole on the 15th green during his third round of the Masters, but not for long enough. By the time he reached it the wind picked up and it began moving again. Instead of pushing the ball closer to the hole it went in a far worse direction — toward the water.

As Horschel stood beside it, stunned, the ball trickled into the drink. He was forced to drop and made bogey. Horschel was not pleased, obviously, and voiced his concerns to a nearby rules official, then talked about it afterward. 

Everyone knows I’m an emotional guy. I’m just trying to learn as I get older to harness it a little bit,” Horschel said. “It was not the rules officials’ fault, it’s not Augusta’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault for that happening. It’s just an unfortunate situation where I had a 25 mile per hour gust, one of the biggest gusts all day, come and blow my ball and take it two feet to a false front and then a false front took it into the water.

“So, like I said, it’s nothing ever has happened to me like that in the past, I mean, that I can remember, and it’s an unfortunate situation, hopefully it doesn’t happen to anyone out here today.”