Watch: Billy Horschel Eagles 8th Hole Sunday at the Masters

April 10, 2016
billy ho eagle.jpg

Billy Horschel was repaid nicely by the Golfing Gods on Sunday at the Masters, with an 88-yard eagle on the 8th hole. His ball took one hard bounce on the green and dunked into the cup, just to give the patrons a little something extra to cheer about.

On Saturday, an unlucky gust of wind pushed his shot on 15 off the green, over the bank and into the water, and all Horschel could do was watch helplessly. In an interview with the Golf Channel following his round, the Florida Gator alum said that the powers that be owed him, big time.

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“I walk off thinking I’m going to be 1‑under par and I walk off 1‑over par,” Horschel said Saturday. “So unfortunate situation, bad luck, but I know the golfing gods, I think they owe me one, hopefully. Hopefully it comes tomorrow or in the weeks that follow.”

Horschel received that payment earlier than he expected. That’s golf.