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Masters 2019: Ranking every shot from Tiger Woods’ first round (all 70 of them!) from best to worst

April 12, 2019

I was very excited about the Masters today. Very Excited. And then, I found out that I could watch every single shot thanks to a new feature in the Masters app — which got me more excited — then Tiger started playing well, which sent me to the moon. So, I decided to combine my various passions and rank every single shot of Tiger’s round.

You can re-live Tiger’s entire first round of the 2019 Masters right here.


70) 6th hole, 2nd shot

Blew a 4-footer 3 feet past

An really poor, unenforced error from Tiger, right after another poor, unenforced error. (More on that one shortly.)

69) 5th hole, 4th shot

Missed 5-footer

Come on, Tiger.

68) 14th hole, 1st shot

281-yard drive into the trees.

Another hook off the tee. Not great.

67) 17th hole, 1st shot

257 yards into the trees.

An ugly block. Less of this, please.

66) 17th hole, 4th shot

9-footer, low of the hole.

65) 15th hole, 3rd shot

28-yard chip short of the green

It’s a tough shot, but he got scared and wimped out. Understandable, but not excusable.

64) 9th hole, 1st shot

3-wood into the trees left

Big ‘ol hook. That’s old Tiger stuff. Got a decent bounce.

63) 7th hole, 2nd shot

168-yard shot into the left bunkers


62) 5th hole, 1st shot

3-wood into bunkers left

61) 3rd hole, 2nd shot

Blind pitch shot long of the green

I know he couldn’t see the green, but he should’ve done better from close range.

60) 18th hole, 1st shot

302 yard 3-wood into a bunker left

Cut 3-wood that didn’t cut

59) 12th hole, 1st shot

159 yards to back fringe

Hit a cut that didn’t cut.

T-48) 1st hole, 4th shot


T-48) 4th hole, 3rd shot


T-48) 5th hole, 5th shot


T-48) 6th hole, 3rd shot


T-48) 17th hole, 5th shot


T-48) 8th hole, 5th shot


T-48) 18th hole, 4th shot


T-48) 10th hole, 4th shot


T-48) 12th hole, 3rd shot


T-48) 13th hole, 4th shot


T-48) 16th hole, 3rd shot


47) 15th hole, 2nd shot

270-yard shot over the green

Over-gassed it, but it was a long shot and his drive didn’t do him any favors.

46) 16th hole, 2nd shot

20-footer comes up 2 inches short

Come on, Tiger. Get it to the hole!

45) 17th hole, 3rd shot

Long, uphill chip to 9 feet.

44) 8th hole, 4th shot

10-footer for birdie burns the edge.

Hit a good putt, but it didn’t break!

43) 15th hole, 1st shot

301-yard drive down the left

Didn’t cut as much as he’d like, left him behind some trees for his next shot.

42) 2nd hole, 3rd shot

28 feet to 2 inches

41) 16th hole, 1st shot

180 yards to 21 feet

Tiger was visibly unhappy with it, but it wasn’t actually that bad.

40) 17th hole, 2nd shot

172 yards into short of left greenside bunker

Had to contend with some trees. About as well as he could’ve done from here.

39) 5th hole, 2nd shot

Fairway bunker short of the green

Not a great shot on paper, but it was a tricky shot. Weird stance, high lip. Not much he could’ve done.

38) 2nd hole, 2nd shot

214 yards into front right bunker

37) 7th hole, 3rd shot

Bunker shot to 5 feet

36) 1st hole, 2nd shot

127 yards to 30 feet

35) 8th hole, 3rd shot

40-yard pitch to 10 feet.

Not great, not terrible. Just a bit ‘meh’

34) 3rd hole, 2nd shot

3-footer for par

33) 15th hole, 5th shot

3-footer for par

32) 11th hole, 4th shot

4-footer for par

31) 7th hole, 4th shot

5-footer for par

30) 7th hole, 1st shot

280-yard 3-wood down the left side

29) 18th hole, 2nd shot

178 yards from fairway bunker to the back of the green.

Dicey shot, well executed.

28) 11th hole, 2nd shot

197-yard iron to right side of the green

Water left; draw didn’t quite turn and didn’t get on the back tier as a result. A safe, if unspectacular shot.

27) 8th hole, 2nd shot

253 fairway wood right of the green

Decent shot. Tried to hit a draw in there that didn’t quite turn.

26) 18th hole, 3rd shot

33-footer to 3 feet

25) 10th hole, 3rd shot

35-footer to four feet

24) 4th hole, 2nd shot

26-footer to a foot

23) 10th hole, 2nd shot

171-yard iron to 39 feet

A bit ‘meh,’ but gave himself a putt at it.

22) 15th hole, 4th shot

Downhill chip to 3 feet

Helped him make an easy par after a series of sub-standard shots.

21) 13th hole, 1st shot

High draw down the middle.

20) 9th hole, 3rd shot

5-footer for birdie

19) 11th hole, 1st shot

3-wood down the middle

18) 13th hole, 2nd shot

194-yard iron to back of the green

Hit a cut with the ball above his feet. Not a noteworthy outcome, but a trickier shot to shape than it looks.

17) 2nd hole, 4th shot

4-footer for birdie

16) 3rd hole, 3rd shot

Downhill chip to 3 feet

15) 8th hole, 1st shot

311-yard, center-cut 3-wood

14) 3rd hole, 1st shot

305-yard 3-wood down the middle.

13) 5th hole, 3rd shot

77 yards to 5 feet

Good wedge shot here, just when he needed to try to save par.

12) 10th hole, 1st shot

320-yard drive into the fairway

Nice, high-draw 3-wood to start the back nine.

11) 2nd hole, 3rd shot

Bunker shot to 4 feet

10) 4th hole, 1st shot

235 yards to 25 feet

Made a difficult shot look easy on a testy hole.

9) 9th hole, 2nd shot

116 yards, from the rough, to 5 feet.

Enough to forget about that dicey drive he hit before.

8) 2nd hole, 1st shot

340-yard drive down the fairway

A high draw over the trees; another brilliant drive to start the day.

7) 12th hole, 2nd shot

Slippery chip to tap-in range.

6) 11th hole, 3rd shot

43-footer to 4 feet

A big, swinging putt that could’ve easily gone wrong.

5) 13th hole, 3rd shot

53-footer to 2 feet

Good downhill lag putt here.

4) 6th hole, 1st shot

185 yards to 5 feet

3) 1st hole, 1st shot

316 yard drive, fairway

Striped, club twirl. The perfect start to the day and oozing with confidence.

2) 14th hole, 2nd shot

152-yard iron, through trees, onto the green

An extremely good shot from an extremely undesirable position. Shot of the day.

1) 14th hole, 3rd shot

25-footer for birdie

But that approach is only a great shot if you make the putt, right? A downhill, swinging putt, which capitalized on his great recovery.

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