How the Presidents Cup is played

September 21, 2017

As similar as it may seem to the opposite-year Ryder Cup, the Presidents Cup is very much a different entity.

Sure, it starts with the International squad assembled from all countries not in Europe or America, but the format is also quite different.

The Presidents Cup includes 30 matches throughout four days (two more matches and one more day than the Ryder Cup). This means that the defending champion needs 15 points to retain the Cup and their opponent must claim 15.5 points to win the Cup.

Each match is worth one point, with any matches tied after 18 holes being declared a draw worth half a point. The schedule of matches is as follows:

Thursday: Five foursomes matches (alternate shot)
Friday: Five four-ball matches (best ball)
Saturday: Four foursomes matches, four four-ball matches
Sunday: 12 singles matches