Course Rater Confidential: What’s the hardest tee shot and scariest putt at Augusta National?

Jason Day hits a tee shot on the par-4 18th during the third round of the 2019 Masters.

So maybe you’ve never played Augusta National, but lucky for you dozens of our distinguished course raters have. Some know the place better than their own backyards. To honor the Masters week that never was, we polled more than 60 of our raters — and granted them anonymity — to answer our questions about the course’s ranking, best holes, most terrifying putts, Tiger-proofing and more. We’ll roll it out all week long so check back to see the next batch of questions and answers, and you can learn more about our course raters here.

What’s the hardest tee shot at Augusta National?

18th – 37.0%
11th – 19.4%
12th – 11.3%
1st – 9.7%
10th – 6.5%
7th – 6.5%
11th – 3.2%
13th – 3.2%
4th – 3.2%


18th. It’s very narrow.

18. That chute is much more narrow in person.

12. Sphincter-puckering.

Sunday, in contention, with wind: the 12th. Ask Jordan!

What’s the scariest putt?

9th – 22.7%
6th – 10.4%
1st – 9.0%
14th – 9.0%
16th – 8.2%
13th – 4.9%
10th – 4.9%
17th – 4.9%
5th – 4.9%
15th – 4.9%
18th – 4.9%
3rd – 4.9%
4th – 3.2%
12th – 1.6%
11th – 1.6%


From above the hole on 9 to a front hole location.

Toss up. Downhiller on 9 or 10. The apron looms for any stroke of the putter that goes past your shoelaces.

1st green. Good luck two-putting says Ernie Els, who started the 2016 Masters with a six-putt.

From the back of 15 to a front pin. Water time.

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