Tour Pros Think Tiger Woods Will Win Another Major

April 6, 2015
tiger high five.jpg

Tiger Woods will win another major before his career wraps up: the pros have spoken, and they have a lot to say about their peers.

One hundred and three tour pros (21 of them major winners) were surveyed by ESPN on a variety of topics, from who they would take car shopping, their bucket list courses and whether or not marijuana should be included on the PGA Tour’s banned substance list (60 percent said no, by the way).

The public will say what it wants about Tiger Woods’ recent performances, but 64 pros said the 14-time major winner is not finished adding to that list just yet. Perhaps Woods can sleep a little easier knowing that almost two-thirds of his peers are rooting for him in his quest for breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major wins.

If only Rory McIlroy had that same support. Only 28 pros (27 percent) thought a green jacket was in the cards for the world No. 1 this year.

And if you’re Bubba Watson, you might want to keep your nose clean the next time a scuffle starts up. Given the question, “_____ is in a fight in the parking lot. You’re not helping him,” the majority of pros (23) named defending Masters champ Watson. Patrick Reed was next with 11 nominations.

You can see the pros’ other musings, including those about fines, stipends and methods of transportation, here.

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