Tom Brady Beat Keegan Bradley In Match

March 31, 2015
keegan bradley.jpg

Tom Brady is living the golfing dream. 

After a day of golf and basketball in the Bahamas with Michael Jordan, Luke Donald and Keegan Bradley and two weeks after playing Augusta National with Rory McIlroy, Brady took down Bradley, the 2012 PGA Championship winner, in a match, 6&5. 

The round had carried over from Saturday’s match between the foursome thanks to MJ draining a 20-footer on the 18th, and Bradley recapped how it went down on ESPN’s SVP and Russilo.

“So the next day, I say, ‘Tom Brady, I’m going to give him 12 shots, and this is easy money.’ I’m getting all cocky on the first tee, and I get a match with him. I win the first hole and go, ‘TB I’ll give you a buyout if you want.’ I start to chirp. And then he runs off — he plays the next 14 holes 4-under par, beat me 6&5. He’s really good like I couldn’t believe. As soon as we get the match, his competitive juices kicked in, he’s smoking.”

Bradley is a rabid New England Patriots fan and sped from the final round of the Phoenix Open to the Super Bowl in order to watch Brady win a fourth Super Bowl title. 

“I played 36 holes with him, played basketball with him, and I got to really kind of be with the guy and hang out,” Bradley said. “It was one of those moments where you look around and you realize, ‘I don’t know how I’ve gotten here in my life.’ It was just a really, really fun time.”

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