Tiger Woods Spends First Day Off Watching Lindsey Vonn Race

February 12, 2015
Tiger&Lindsey co Jeffrey Swinger USA TODAY Sports.JPG

The ski hill is just about the complete opposite from the golf course, so it makes sense that Tiger Woods is spending his first day off from golf at the slopes.

Woods was spotted in Beaver Creek, Colo. Feb. 12, supporting girlfriend Lindsey Vonn during the FIS Alpine skiing world championships. The night before, Woods announced on his blog that he would be taking time off golf to focus on his game, and likely, his personal life.

“Right now, I need a lot of work on my game, and to still spend time with the people that are important to me,” Woods said.

The New York Daily News reported on Feb. 12 that marriage rumours are swirling around Woods and Vonn, suggesting that the reason Vonn is not expected to enter Saturday’s women’s slalom event — which also happens to be Valentine’s Day — is because marriage might be just around the corner for the pair.

One thing Woods is hoping is not lurking around the corner? Another video camera, the reported culprit of Woods’ knocked-out tooth during his last support junket in Italy.

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