Tiger Woods Short-Game Problems are Mental, Johnny Miller and David Duval Say

February 21, 2015

Johnny Miller and David Duval don’t believe Tiger Woods’ explanation that his short-game woes stem from full-swing changes made with new instructor Chris Como.

“When you pitch, all you do is just take it back and brush the grass,” Miller said during a conference call to promote NBC and the Golf Channel’s coverage of next week’s Honda Classic. “You don’t have to skull it or chunk it, you know. It doesn’t take a genius to just make a little arc and brush the grass and put it up there near the hole.

“The thing is, he must have some demons in his head. I don’t know how else to see someone lose hand-eye coordination. Nobody’s talked about that, but it’s like somebody short-circuited his hand-eye coordination. I don’t know how that can happen. It’s crazy.”

Tiger has said the rogues gallery of mis-hit chips and pitches he’s suffered through in his last three events are the result of being stuck in-between his Sean Foley-era swing and his less steep move under advisor Chris Como.

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“The pattern that I was (using) with Sean is a totally different release pattern than I’m doing now,” Tiger said before playing earlier this month in the Farmers Insurance Open. “Then that affects the short game.”

No way, says Duval.

“I think that’s a false statement,” he said during the conference call. “I don’t agree with that at all. I mean, chipping is chipping. To hit a solid contact on a 30-yard pitch, everybody does it the same way. That’s just how you get the ball up; keep it low, get it running, whatever.”

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