7 questions we still have about the Tiger/Phil/Manning/Brady match on TNT

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning played in a pro-am together at the 2018 Memorial.

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning played in a pro-am together at the 2018 Memorial.

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The PGA Tour won’t be back until June, at the earliest, but in the meantime we do have one golf event to predict, dissect and discuss over the next month.

Turner Sports made it official on Wednesday, announcing a match between Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning dubbed “The Match: Champions for Charity.” It will air live on TNT with no spectators on site, and it will benefit coronavirus relief efforts. The team event will put Woods and Manning against Mickelson and Brady.

GOLF’s Michael Bamberger reported three weeks ago that this match was in the works and it’s picked up steam since, so Wednesday’s announcement was hardly a surprise. But there are still some elements of this match that have yet to be announced or figured out. Let’s break them down.

What day will it be?

This has yet to be announced, or determined, but The Action Network said a rumored date is Sunday, May 24, which is Memorial Day weekend.

Plans for next Tiger-Phil match include two other huge superstars
By: Michael Bamberger

Where will they play?

This one is still up in the air, too. Bamberger reported it will be set in Florida, and The Action Network, citing a source, said Medalist in Hobe Sound is a likely option. Woods is one of the many pros who is a member at Medalist. About 18 miles south of there is Seminole, another private club filled with athletes and other powerful members. Brady reportedly just joined too. There’s no shortage of private Florida clubs to hold this event, but Medalist would be a big win for fans. It’s a pro golfer’s playground, and players are always referring to their practice rounds there. It would be great to give the public a look behind the gates.

Will there be in-match betting?

There better be! You would assume this would be a seamless addition to the match and a nice way to increase the charity bucks while adding a fun component to the round.

What’s the format?

Tiger and Phil played match play in Las Vegas two years ago, and this format will likely be a four-ball. Playing foursomes (alternate shot) would be a fun addition for half the match, especially to see how Brady and Manning perform under that kind of pressure. If handicaps are involved, The Action Network reports Manning is at a 6.4 while Brady is an 8.1. This can’t just be the Tiger vs. Phil show with Brady and Manning tagging along, so we’re likely to see something level the playing field.

Will there be in-round games?

The Tiger-Phil match needed more of this, more spontaneity, if you will. Here’s hoping we get that this time around.

Who will caddie for Manning and Brady?

We’re assuming Tiger will have Joe LaCava on the bag and Phil will go with his brother, Tim Mickelson, but who will caddie for Brady and Manning? Will Eli caddie for his big brother? What about Brady? How about his new Tampa Bay pal Rob Gronkowski? Or maybe, as a throwback, Bill Belichick? OK, maybe not that last one.

Will the smack talk be better than what we saw in Tiger and Phil’s match?

It can’t be worse.

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