Tiger Woods Loyalists Attack Jacksonville Jaguars Kicker Josh Scobee After Tweet

February 13, 2015

Tiger Woods may not have much going for his golf game at the moment, but there’s one thing he’ll always have: his loyal fans.

Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee learned just how loyal they are this week when he jokingly challenged Tiger to a high-stakes match at San Jose Country Club in Jacksonville.

Scobee is no slouch on the links himself. He did not play in high school or college but has twice attempted to qualify for the U.S. Open and is reported to be a +1.4 handicap. He doesn’t have a handicap listed in Florida or California on the USGA’s handicap database, though he might be feeling like a 25 on Twitter after yesterday. Here’s his original tweet:

And then, a minute later:

And the response:

Scobee made sure everyone knew he was joking, if it wasn’t already clear:

Scobee proceeded to retweet many accounts that either bashed or supported his humor before posting a Ron Burgandy meme the next evening.

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